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Digestive System

Nervous System
Skin and Ears

Allergy Questions:

Tell me all about fleas.
I am allergic to my pet. help.
My dog gives me a rash, what can I do?
Why does my dog have discharge from his eyes?

Avian and Exotic Questions:

What can I tell from my Amazon's leg band?
Do Sugar Gliders make good pets?
Hummingbirds built a nest in my tree. What should I do?
Why does my fish tank smell so bad?

Behavior Questions:

Is it normal for my dog to lick his testicles so much?
My cat is not affectionate. Why?
My boy dog doesn't lift his legs to urinate. A problem?
My dog eats feces. What can I do?
How do I train my puppy not to mess in the house?
Why does my cat howl at night?
Tell me about Personality Disorders in Cats
Why does my dog pee all over the place when we go for walks?
How can I make my cats get along better?
How can I stop my cat from urinating on the stove?
How can I stop my Samoyed from peeing in our bed?
What should I do to make my cats comfortable in their new home?
How can I calm my hyperactive Spaniel?
My cat doesn't use the litter box since we got the new kitten
Why doesn't my dog lift his leg to urinate?
Biting Dachshund
How should I introduce my new cat to my other cats?
My rabbit is in love and mounts my cat
Tell me about corprophagy because my dog eats feces

Dental Questions:

Do my pets really need dentals?
Hamster Lost Teeth
Tell me about my puppies temporary and permanent teeth

Digestive System Questions:

My dog has an anal gland problem
My maltese has swollen salivary glands.
Is it normal for my kitten to have diarrhea?
My cat has Inflammatory Bowel Disease
I found blood in my dog's stool. What should I do?
My dog lacks appetite. What should I do?
Tell me about PDA and Liver Shunts
My old cat is loosing weight. Why?
My dog has dry heaves. What's wrong?
How often should my puppy have bowel movements?
Can my horses eat Mountain Laurel?
My cat has blood in her bowl movements
Can my pets get Hydatid Cysts from Spain?
What does a high lipase blood test mean for my Cat?
What should I feed my constipated German Shepherd?
New Cat with Diarrhea
My pup has diarrhea
My dog is suddenly vomiting, is this serious?
Tell me about Salivary Cysts.
My vet used Tagamet and Carafate to treat my pup's vomiting problem

Disease Questions:

What is Blastomycosis?
Is there E. coli in my horse's water?
Is E. coli from pets a problem for children?
What are the symptoms of Parvo?
Can Iguanas transmit E-Coli bacterica to people?
My dog was coughing, now has bloody diarrhea
What can I do for my sick wolf hybrid?
Tell me about Feline Aids, FIV

General Questions:

How often should my pets be checked by the vet?
I am pregnant and have pets. What do I need to know?
DNA Testing in dogs.
Can you give me tips on selecting a vet?
How do I know where to cut on my dog's black nails?
When is it time for euthanasia?
My Boxer is prone to cancer, what can I do?
I am not comfortable with my vet
Why is my cat loosing weight?

Heart Questions:

What can be done for congestive heart failure?
Heartworm prevention in Southern California
Why is my dog exercise intolerant?
My dog has an irregular heart beat. Is this a problem?

Hormones and Metabolism Questions:

What can I do to help my hypothyroid dog?
My dog has a high T4. Does he have hyperthyroidism?
My dog has hypothyroidism. What can I expect?


My wife is pregnant. Should I be concerned about having pets?
My two year old hamster sleeps all the time. How long do hamsters live?
My puppy has bad breath. What can I do?
What can I do about a stinky cat box?
Should I trim my tortoise's toenails?

Medication Questions:

Can I give aspirin to my dog?
What are the pros and cons on using Prednisone?

Musculoskeletal Questions:

My puppy has a hurt leg
What can I use to treat my pet's arthritis?
My dog's wrist bends backward. Normal?
Do these Puppies have arthritis?
My dog hurt his back
What are my options for arthritis in my sheltie?
What should I do for my cocker spaniel in pain?
My dog looses control over his legs. What should I do?
Should I take my limping cat to the vet?
My shepherd pup has sore legs. Why?
How can I tell if my dog's tail is broken?
Tell me about hip dysplasia in Rottweilers
Should my dog's broken leg be plated or spinted?
Fur mites cause my rabbit to have dry, flaky skin.


Tell me about cancer in snakes

Nervous System Questions:

My puppy had convulsions
What can I do for my epileptic Shepherd?
Tell me about Epilepsy in dogs
Tell me about phenobarbitol and seizure treatment.

Nutrition Questions:

Tell me about B Vitamins for relaxation
Is chocolate toxic to my pets?
What is a good diet for turtles?
Should I give my dog fruit and vegetables?
What do you feed baby fox squirrels?
What's the best food to feed my spaniel?
What is a good diet for a pet with liver disease?
What should I feed my puppies as they wean?
African Grey Diet

Reproductive Questions:

I have questions about breeding cats
Tell me about breeding Pomeranians
My dog never got his testicles. Is this ok?
How rare are twin foals?
Should my dog be loosing weight while pregnant?
How to I tell if my Pug is pregnant?
My dog is pregnant. How long until we get puppies?
How do I tell if my cat is in heat?
My Mare is pregnant. How long until foaling?
Tell me about the drug, Estratest
How can I tell a true from a false pregnancy?
What caused my lactating dachshund to get Eclampsia?
How soon after giving birth can my cat be spayed?

Respiration Questions:

My dog coughs, why?
My terrier was diagnosed with a collapsed trachea
My Kitten pants. Is this normal?
My cat has a cough
What can you do for a cat with chronic sinus infections?
My cats sneeze a lot. Is this normal?
Why is my kitten choking and coughing?
Why did my kitten loose his voice?
How do I treat feline asthma?
My rabbit coughs
Can my dog get sleep apnea?

Skin and Ear Questions:

My Cocker Spaniel always gets ear infections.
My dog ears have scabs and bumps.
Do dogs get earmites?
My dog has a skin infection.
My cat has flaky skin
What causes lumps on my Pekinese?
My dog has many wierd blisters and is loosing hair.
What can I do for my kittens who have earmites?
Why does my cat scratch his ears?
What can I do for my retriever's crusty nose?
Does Program ® (Lufenuron) really work on flea control?
My cat has a big lump on her lip. What could this be?
What are these black spots appearing on my dog's belly?
What causes the bumps on my cat's legs?
How do I help my itchy dog?
Why is my ferret loosing her hair?
My guinea pig has dandruff. Is this normal?
What can I do for itchy sore on my Great Dane
What can I use to control fleas on my dog?
What can I do to keep flies away from my dogs?
Dachshund Hair Loss
Min Pin Milk Spots
Labrador with Dry Skin
Why does my Brittany Spaniel get lip sores?
Why is my cat loosing her hair?
My puppy has dry skin patches
What is the lump on my dog's lip?

Surgery Questions:

Is it possible to remove the bark from my dog?
Can a dog be spayed when pregnant?
How old can my cat be to be spayed?
My hamster has a huge lump

Travel Questions:

What do I need to know about air travel with my cat?
Should I keep my cat indoors, or let him go outside?
Give me tips on traveling with cats.

Urinary Tract Questions:

My labrador started urinating in the house
What about Bladder Stones?
I found blood in the cat box
My dog has a kidney infection
What else can I use besides phenylpropanolamine for my incontinent Shepherd?
Why does my Cattle Dog leak urine after surgery?
Should my puppy really be urinating this frequently?
What can I do for my incontenent terrier?
My puppy dribbles urine. Is this normal?
What should I feed my dog with Kidney Disease?

Vaccinations Questions:

My cat has a hard lump where vaccinated. Is there a problem?
When should my kitten start on the vaccination series?
What shots and flea control does my kitten need?
Any problem duplicating vaccinations?
Injection Site Reaction


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